Monday, August 21, 2017

Jackson, Gordon, Harrell, Temple, Richardson Family Reunion

Emma Vining Offsprings
This past weekend our family came together to celebrate our family in St. Helena Parishes, Louisiana. There were many new family members to meet. It was good to see family members who hadn't seen each other, spending time together.  Lot's of family history was shared by genealogist Antoinette Harrell, a descendant of Thomas and Emma Vining Richardson. Over a hundred offsprings of Thomas and Emma Vining Richardson and, Jim and Emma Vining Williams was in attendance. Emma was born in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana to Allen and Rosa Hart Vining on October 1, 1885.  She passed away in June of 1964 at the age of 78.  Emma lived at Rt 3 Box 93 N. Amite, Louisiana. 

Thomas Richardson was born in on September 20, 1853, to Carrie Richardson. Carrie and her child Thomas were slaves on the Benjamin and Celia Bankston Richardson plantation. Thomas married Amanda Breland Richardson, they had five children; Thomas, Annie, Golene, Sophia, and John.  Thomas and Amanda both are buried in Rocky Hill Cemetery in St. Helena Parish.  Thomas is my direct lineage, he was born around 1884. 

Emma had eight children, four from the first married to Thomas and four from her second marriage to Jim.  The children of Thomas and Emma were; Alexander, Josephine, Rosabell and Alma "Mandy" Richardson. The children of Jim and Emma were: Jimmy, Ethel, Dorothy, and Arthur. 

Oliver Jackson, Jr., chaired this year's family reunion, he is the son of Ethel William Temple.  When his mother died my grandparents Jasper Harrell, Sr. and his wife Josephine Richardson Harrell adopted Oliver as their son.

Christopher Gordon spoke briefly talked about his grandparents Willie K. Gordon, Sr, and Alma "Mandy" Richardson Gordon.  Willie and Alma had seven children; Willie, Frank, James Earl,  Charles, Adam, Robert, and Barbara.

Emmitt N. Richardson, Sr. talked about his family. He is the son of Alexander and Melissa Wheat Richardson. Alexander and Melissa had ten children; Thomas, Walter, Helestine, Samuel, Pete, Emmitt, Joseph, Nathaniel, Earl Lee and, Darnell Richardson. 

Amanda Breland Richardson
Isabel Harrell Cook, the daughter of Jasper and Josephine Richardson spoke about the family. Jasper and Josephine Richardson Harrell had ten children; Jasper, Jr, Catherine, Roosevelt, Frank, Isabel, Leon Charles,  Henry, Herbert, Raymond, and Delores. 

Johnell Temple talked about his family, he is the son of  Walter and Ethel Williams Temple. Two sons were born to the marriage; Johnell and Cleveland Temple. Oliver Jackson was reared by Walter, just like he was his biological son.

Eddie Jackson, III  spoke about his family. He is the grandson of Rosabell Richardson Moore. His father Eddie Jackson, Jr., was the only child Rosabell had. Eddie had his mother, sisters, niece, and nephew joined him. Eddie Jackson, Jr. was the person in our family that took all the family photographs and videos. After he passed away no one could find any of his images or video footage. 

It was great seeing so many young people there who wanted to know more about their family history. Alex Richardson, III, and Shan Gordon shared so many photographs with us. Many family members brought delicious food and good tasting dessert to eat.  The family reunion committee worked very hard to make your reunion a success. Every table displayed 8x10 photographs of the Richardson and Williams family.  On Sunday morning we all went back the church our ancestors attended. The church was known as Gordon Chapel Church of God in Christ.