Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nurturing Our Root and African Roots Television Programs

Producer and Host Antoinette Harrell is pleased to announce beginning November 2013 Nurturing Our Roots and African Roots Television Programs will be featured on Access Producer Network (APN). You will be able to watch full episodes of both talk shows. The award winning host has interviewed an array of family historian and genealogists ranging from Leonard Smith III,  LS3 Studios, LLC an award winning multimedia production company that offers a variety of services that include images and audio editing, Bernice Alexander Bennett Blog Talk Radio host of "Research at the National Archives and Beyond." Antoinette's show " Nurturing Our Roots Talk Show" has been featured on Nightline News and in many other media publications

She has engaged in conversations and discussions with many authors and other people who has travel and lived in Africa or people who are just conducting genealogy research. She is grateful and very appreciate for the professional services of NOA-TV for helping her to bring her television shows online.

African Roots with host Antoinette Harrell

Nurturing Our Roots with host Antoinette Harrell