Friday, October 4, 2013

The History and Legacy of Monore Perry, Sr.

Monore Perry, Sr. 
Monore was born on September 9, 1895, to the late Mr and Mrs. Grafton Perry in St. Helena Parish. He was a man with very little formal education, but had an obsession of making sure that his eight children got the best education possible. He was the father of six girls and two boys.

Because of his concern for his children's future, he was successful at helping each of them graduate from high school. Five of his children completed college what a bachelor's degree or above. Two of his children completed trade school.

James Baker was taught how to make
syrup by Monore Perry, Sr.
He managed this fete by working a forty acre farm with mules and antiquated tools. In modern day terms he would have been considered a small truck farmer. He grew strawberries, corn, black valentine beans, peas, cotton, cucumbers, squash, and other vegetables for shipping and sale at the local markets  in  the  area. During the off season he made sugarcane syrup at Battles' Syrup Mill on Bennett Road, for the local farmers. Monore's philosophy was that a person can do anything that he or she wants to do, if they dedicate themselves to doing it. He also instilled in his children that any job that is worth doing, is worth doing the best that you can to do it well.

Source: History Album of Mrs. Grace Walker Perry

Notes: Album can be found in the genealogy section of the Amite Branch Library