Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The History of Rocky Hill A.M.E. Church

Rocky Hill A.M.E. Church in St. Helena, Louisiana
On December 29, 1874 at the St. Helena Parish Clerk of Court's office in Greensburg, Louisiana (15) fifteen acres of land was donated to erect a church and a colored school by (1) Rebecca K. Richardson (2) S.D. Richardson (3) K. Richardson (4) J.J. Kemp (5) G.C. Kemp (6) W.B. Kemp (7) John Tate (8) Martha Tate who were represented by W.H. McClendon and Rev. James Reese.

It was accepted by William Woolridge, Richmond Terrill and Madison Prescott. Rev E.D. Singleton started the church with a small group of members which was built by Willie Ginn who was a carpenter. The church was finished by Rev. Thomas Tucker.
Photo Credit: Walter C. Black Sr.
Rocky Hill A.M.E. Church Cornerstone

The following are ministers that also pastored here at Rocky Hill A.M.E Church:

Rev, S. J. Fisher, Rev L. Luchen, Rev. L.R. Fisher, Rev J.K. Washington, Rev. W.W. Hunt, Rev. Coleman, Rev H.A. Belin, Sr., Rev. J. K. Holiday, Sr., Rev Cecelia M. Brown, Rev. H.B. Davis, Rev. Ray Jackson, Rev. Nelson Dan Taylor, Rev. Robert Huntley, Rev. Ranches Hall, and Rev. S. G.R. Tickles, who did extensive remodeling on the church such as painting, installing windows, doors, and gave the first lights for the church. He also built on parsonage.

Photo Credit: Walter C. Black, Sr.
Thomas Richardson Headstone
Rocky Hill Cemetery
My maternal great-great grandparents Thomas and Amanda Breland Richardson and other family members are buried in Rocky Hill Church Cemetery in St. Helena Parish.  My great-great grandfather Thomas Richardson was born in slavery in 1853 in St. Helena Parish. His wife Amanda Breland Richardson was born one year in slavery in 1862 in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. There are other Richardson's buried around the graves of Thomas and Amanda. At this time I have no idea who they are.