Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teaching Children Their History

Joelle and Connor reading history books
This cold and rainy day kept us all inside surrounding the fireplace and sipping on some hot peppermint tea with a twist of lemon. What a perfect time for storytelling and story sharing? My grandchildren picked up two civil rights books too look at the pictures in the book.  They had so many questions about the "Jim Crow" period, the colored water fountains and other historical events that took place in our society. To top the evening off one of my colleagues from New Orleans, Louisiana drove up to beat the African drums. My grandsons Connor and Chase joined in with Lloyd Lazard for a lesson on playing the African drums.

Because they were asking the questions meant they wanted answers. I am so happy to be the one to answer and teach them what I know just like my maternal grandmother taught me. I looked at each of them and a feeling of joy passed over me. My mind traveled twenty lite years away--I can hear them saying" my grandmother Antoinette Harrell taught me about "Jim Crow and the Civil Right" I felt that it is my duty to teach them about their history. They are excited about learning and want to learn.