Saturday, January 25, 2014

2 Mississippi Museums in Jackson, Mississippi Opening 2017

The site of the 2 Mississippi Museums
Photo Credit: Walter C. Black, Sr.
After attending a morning meeting, my colleague Walter C. Black, Sr., and I decided to go over to the Mississippi State Archives to conducted genealogy research, we soon learned that the Department of Archives and History is overseeing construction of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi History. The doors will open in 2017.

 I wanted to research the sharecropping period dating back to 1866. We looked at plantation records, bill of sales, and rent receipts. Although my family left Amite, County, Mississippi and moved over to East Feliciana Parish in Louisiana. Part of me is still connected to the State of Mississippi. Governor Phil Bryant and other elected officials, civil rights leader Myrlie Evers and other movement veterans, educators, and volunteers from across the state lifted shovel on Thursday, Oct 24 to break ground on the 2 Mississippi Museums projects.

The Museum of Mississippi History will tell the story of the state from prehistory to current today. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum will be the nation's first state-sponsored civil right museum. I am very excited for the opening of both of the museums.

To learn more about the upcoming museums, please visit the website below.