Thursday, January 30, 2014

Real Taste of NOLA with Chef Bergeron A Native of Amite, Louisiana

Chef Bergeron was born to Catherine Harrell and George Cheree' Bergeron in 1973 in New Orleans, LA., he came from a large family, seven girls and seven boys. His mother wanted to remove her sons from the violent streets of New Orleans by returning back to her hometown of Amite, Louisiana., where she knew her sons would be safe.

She passed away within the first six month. "I returned back to New Orleans," said Bergeron. My siblings went their separate ways and had their own families to raise. Bergeron said that he found  family in the streets. I did things that I am not proud of to this day. Life was hard on the streets "I played the hand that was dealt to me,"said Bergeron.

Like most of the African American men in the United States, Bergeron had a dream, a dream of becoming successful. Bergeron father was a chef, he decided to spend as much time as he could with his father to learn all about the art of creole cooking. Creole cooking is a part of Bergeron's heritage. On my maternal side of the family no one couldn't tell him that his mother Catherine wasn't the best cook in the State of Louisiana. The legacy of cooking was given to Chef Bergeron by both of his parents.

A man of many skills and talents, before following his dream of becoming a chef after abandoning the street life, he started his own plumbing and heating company. Although he mastered the skills he wasn't content because his hopes and dreams of becoming a chef was calling him. He shut his business down and moved to South Florida to be with his girlfriend.  After proposing to her and getting married with her support, he enrolled in a culinary arts program at one of the local colleges
where he  received by A.S. degree in culinary science.

Bergeron hosted many parties and events that displayed his culinary skills and good cooking. Presently he is working on his first book is be released this fall with some of his tasty recipes. He opened his first restaurant in Tampa, Florida called the "The Real Taste of New Orleans," he is also the owner of Bergeron's Catering and Vending company.

His plans for the future is to start a multiple sclerosis foundation for help others who has been diagnose with this disease. Bergeron was recently diagnose with the disease himself. He's grateful to God for all the many blessings he has blessed him with.