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Copied Documents Pertaining to the Harrell Family

Documents from the courthouse in Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, La.
With connections to St. Helena Parish, La. 
Pertaining to the Harrell family, copied by Claude B. Slaton, Baker, La.
Copyright.  All rights reserved.

Document #1:

To the Honorable the Judge of the Parish Court of the Parish of East Feliciana, State of
Louisiana, and ex-officio Judge of the Court of Probates in and for the same, the Petition
of Hezekiah Harrell of said Parish respectfully shews:

That in 1808 or 1809 Jacob Harrell of the late Parish of Feliciana departed this life 

leaving a considerable estate, consisting of one settlement claim to land lying in the
now parish of East Feliciana, negroes, & personal property. That when said Jacob Harrell
died he left only collateral relation, towit, brothers and sisters of the whole blood, of
which your petitioner is one. That immediately after the death of said Jacob Harrell, his
heirs (one of whom was a minor) assembled and made an amicable partition of the succession
of said Jacob. That at said partition your petitioner received as a part his portion thereof,
the settlement claim to the land aforesaid. The heirs partaking were Samuel Harrell, Levi 

Harrell, Sara Ann Smith, wife of Joseph Smith, and your petitioner, who were of full age, 

and Lewis Harrell, who was a minor. That said Lewis Harrell has since attained the full age
of twenty-one years, and has approved of the partition aforesaid.

And your petitioner further shews that he has lately applied to the Registrar and receiver
of the Land office at St. Helena Court House, for an order of survey of the Land aforesaid,
who have declined giving the same, because there has been no sale of the Land aforesaid 

agreeable to the provisions of the Civil Code. By reason whereof your petitioner is likely
to be deprived of his part of the succession of Jacob Harrell aforesaid, dec'd.

And your petitioner further shews that since the partition aforesaid, Levi Harrell has
departed this life, leaving the following heirs, viz, Hezikiah R. Harrell, Mercy McClendon,
wife of Dennis McClendon, Anna Harrell, and Mahitabell Harrell. Hezikiah R. and Anna Harrell
are minors above the age of puberty, without curators ad liteum. Mahittabel is under tutorship,
represented by her tutor Morgan Bryan.

And your petitioner further shews, that Samuel Harrell and the heirs of Levi Harrell all
reside in the parish of East Feliciana aforesaid, and Lewis Harrell and Sara Anne Smith 

reside in the State of Mississippi.

Now, the premises considered, your petitioner prays that a curator ad litum for this
special purpose be appointed to the minors Hezekiah R. & Anna Harrell aforesaid, and
an attorney for the absent heirs, that the proceedings may be regular and conform to
the law. That the parties aforesaid residing in East Feliciana may be cited to appear
in this Honorable Court in manner pointed out by law. that they shew cause, if any can
be shewn, why the amicable partition heretofore made among the co-heirs should not be
confirmed by a decree of this Honorable Court. That the same be confirmed, and that the
land aforesaid be sold after the usual advertisements, to give your petitioner a title
to the same. That the title to the same be decreed to be in your petitioner, and that 

he recover from the defendants his costs of suit.

And your petitioner prays such other and further relief as the law will allow him.

[Signed] James M. Bradford, Atty. for petitioner

[written on back of last page:]

No. 59 (No. 38) Probate Court
H. Harrell vs L. Harrell, et als
Filed August 23, 1825
Thos. W. Scott, P. Judge

Ordered: let Solomon M. Brian be appointed Curator ad litum to Hezikiah R. Harrell and
Anna Harrell the minors mentioned in the within Petition & let the defendants be cited
as prayed for.

August 23, 1825
Thos. W. Scott, P. Judge
J. M. Bradford

We the undersigned accept service of this petition and all [one word?]
S. M. Brian
Lewis Harrell
Joseph Smith (his mark)
Sara Smith (her mark)
Dennis McClendon
Marcy P. McClendon
Samuel Harrell


Document #2:

State of Louisiana, Parish of East Feliciana

Be it remembered that on the day of the date hereof before me, Thomas M. Scott, Judge
of the Parish aforesaid, came and appeared Hezikiah Harrell, Hezikiah R. Harrell, Hugh
Barfield, William Reitzell, and Denis McClindon, all relations to Mahatabell Harrell,
a minor under the age of puberty, and the relations aforesaid being duly assembled and
sworn, for the purpose of deliberating on the subject matter of approving the petition

of the Estate of Levi Harrell, dec'd, made amicably among the heirs of said dec'd on the
26th day of January 1819, they are of the opinion that it should be to the interest of 

the minor Mahatebell Harrell...that the said partition should be confirmed. In witness 

whereof the relations aforesaid sign hereunto in presence of me, said judge, and in that
of William P. Satterfield and Andrew W. Higby, assisting witnesses this 8th day of January 1827.

Hezekiah Harrell, H. R. Harrell, Hugh Barfield, William Reitzell, Dennis McClendon, 
W. P. Satterfield, A. W. Higly
Th. M. Scott, Parish Judge

[on reverse]
No. 39
I certify the foregoing family meeting has [been] truly recorded in Book A, page 105. 

Witness my hand and seal official this 27th Januy. 1827
Th. M. Scott, Parish Judge


Document #3:

To the honorable the Judge of the Parish of East Feliciana and of the Court of Probate in 

and for the Same, the petition of Denis McLendon & Mary McLendon his wife, Respectfully 

represents that Mary McLendon is one of the heirs of Levi Harrell, dec'd, that said dec'd 

has left a considerable property consisting of Land that has nevarr [sic] been divided and 

has left Hezekiah Harrell and Anna & Mehitibel Harrell, minor heirs of said estate, 

represented by their tutor S. M. Brian and Hezekiah Harrell.

Your petitioners pray that said Land bee appraised and that a partition of the land of 

said Estate take place according to law and that Such other and further [one word?] be 

had in the premisis as the law Requires.

August 29th, 1825

Dennis McClendon, Marcy P. McClendon


Document #4:

[the following are written on one sheet of paper, one over the other]

State of Louisiana, Parish of East Feliciana

To John Rentz and Richard Taylor:

You are hereby appointed Experts to make an Inventory and partition of the Landed 

Estate of Levi Harrell, deceased, among the heirs of said Levi Harrell, deceased, 

towit: Mercey McClendon, Hezekiah Harrell, Anna Harrell, and Mahitabel Harrell.

Given under my hand and Seal official this 6th day of Sept. A.D. 1825
Th. M. Scott, P. Judge

State of Louisiana, Parish of East Feliciana

Each of us do solemnly swear that we will act faithfully and truly, as experts in 

making an Inventory and Partition of the Landed Estate of Levi Harrell, dec'd, amongst 

the Heirs of Said Levi Harrell, dec'd.

Sworn and Subscribed before me this 6th day of Sept., A.D. 1825

Th. M. Scott, Parish Judge
John Rentz (his mark)
Richard Taylor