Thursday, October 29, 2015

Martha James of Amite, Louisiana

The Amite Chapter of the Senior Citizens honored 105 year-old Martha James Friday with a party at the new Senior Citizen headquarters in the depot. Cake and punch were served to those attending and songs and expressions of good will were made. The party was organized by Mrs. Eva Anthony, president of the Amite Chapter of the Senior Citizens' Club.

Aunt Martha, as she is affectionately known, was born 105 years ago and has lived all of her life in Amite. She was born a Butler and married Frank Jame, a former employee of the Gullet Cotton Gin Company. She had two children, Johnny and Robert. What is her secret for living so long? I don't have any secret for living so long?

I don't have any secret," she said. "The Bible says to honor your father and mother so that their days may be long. I have always honored old people and this must be God's way of blessing me."

Source: Tangi Talk. Amite, LA.. Wed., Sept 1, 1976