Wednesday, December 30, 2015

1967 Desegregation of Schools in Tangipahoa Parish

May 17, 1967

Dear Parent:

All grades in our school system will be desegregated next year. Any student will be entering one of these grades next year may choose to attend any school in our system, regardless of whether that school was formerly all-white or all Negro. It does not matter which school your child is attending this year. You and your child may select any school you wish.

Every student, white and Negro, must make a choice of schools. If a child is entering that ninth or higher grade, or it the child is fifteen years old or older, the may make the choice himself.  Otherwise a parent or other adult serving as parent must sign the choice form. A child enrolling in the school system for the first time must make a choice of schools before or at the time of his enrollment.

The form on which the choice should be made is attached to this letter. It should be completed and returned by June 15, 1967. You may mail it or deliver it by messenger or by hand to any school principal or to the Office of the Superintendent at any time between May 15 and June 15. No one may require you to return your choice form before June 15 and no preference is given for returning the choice from early.

No principal, teacher or other school official is permitted to influence anyone in making a choice or to require early return of the choice form. No one is permitted to favor or penalize any student or other person because of choice make. A choice once make cannot be changed except for serious hardship.

No child will be denied his choice unless for reasons of overcrowding at the school chosen, in which case children living nearest the school will have preference.

Transportation will be provided, if reasonably possible, no mater what school is chosen.

Your School Board and the school staff will do everything we can to see to it that the right of all students are protected and that desegregation of our schools is carried out successfully.

Sincerely yours,

Deurit L Sauls,