Saturday, December 5, 2015

St. Helena Historic Preservation Property-Warren Napoleon Sims

Warren Napoleon Sims
At the end of the nineteenth century, square (or Bill) Cry built the barn also know as the D.D.Day Barn and the Warner Napoleon Sim Barn. Cry is said to have lived in the right two cribs before he sold the land to D.D. Day, who built another house in 1922, Day sold the place to Sims. Cry and Sims were Negroes; Day was white. Sims (96) still owns it, although he has on account of  his age let it rundown.

The older part is the divided, 12 by 19 ft. crib ( 17 logs to the plate). It had been used as two says. It has two plank doors; both with carved, wooden latches (sliding bar). A 12-ft, runway separates the two main parts of the barn. The left crib is slightly narrower and is of larger logs (14 to the plate); its one door is a plank door made with square naisl. These two parts are of saddle-notched, round logs. A huge, gable roof covers the two cribs and,  in the rear, has three stalls, plus some other space devoted to animals. The front shed holds an excellent old house drawn hay rake.

This barn is remarkable in its black-white succession and in its hardware (wrought iron and carved wood).