Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Genealogist Karran Royal Visit the Land of Her Great Grandfather Shelton Harrell, Sr.

The Homestead of her gg grandmother Emma Mead Harrell
Photo Credit: Walter C. Black, Sr.
Karran and I met over fifteen years ago in New Orleans, La., I had just finished writing and publishing the Harrell family history book. The Times Picayune Newspaper published and article about my book and Karran contacted me after reading the article. She said to me, "I think we are related through my great grandfather Shelton." After talking with her indeed she and I are related through my maternal grandfather Jasper Harrell, Sr., and her paternal great grandfather Shelton Harrell, Sr. 

Just recently I asked her if she had ever been to the homestead of her great grandfather in Tangiphaoa Parish, she told me no. I had to arrange a road trip to the  old Emma Mead Harrell Homestead for her. This past December the genealogy bug bit Karran and she had been hooked every since. She researched her mother's side of the family and her husband's side of the family. 

We  visited  Big Zion cemetery where the Harrell family is buried at in Roseland, Louisiana. It was her first time going to the gravesite of her Harrell family members. Having someone in the family who is committed to researching, documenting and preserving our family history is exciting and rewarding for me, but especially for our family.

Karran has joined me as the co-host of "Nurturing Our Roots Educational Television Talk Show" the show where we're growing new branches. This is the beginning of our road trips. We would like to invite other family members to take the road trip with us to learn about our family history.

This land has been in our family since 1896. Our great grandmother Emma Mead Harrell worked hard to save enough money to purchase land for  her heirs. Our next road trip will be visiting the Harrell cemeteries in East Feliciana Parish. From there we'll visit the Amite County, Mississippi. We'll keep you posted right here on Preserving Our History in Tangipahoa Parish Blog and Nurturing Our Roots Educational Television Program. If you would like to join Karran and me, please contact me by email at