Friday, July 15, 2016

Searching African American Harrell's in Amite County, Mississippi

Derius Harrrell, Pike County Clerk's Office
Photo Credit: Antoinette Harrell
Years ago a young man by the name of Derius Harrell contacted me to find out if I found any of his ancestors on my family tree. His family research took him to several counties in Mississippi; Pike, Amite and Marion counties.  My ancestors were also in Amite County. 

According to Derius Harrell family tree;  Harrison Harrell begat, Wilford James Harrell begat, Nathaniel Harrell begat,  Melvin Harrell begat, Derius Harrell. 

Harrison was born around 1850, he met and married Harriet in 1875. In the 1900 U.S. Census they were living Pike, Mississippi. They were the parents of fourteen children; Bertha, Duffie, Homer, Dendry, Allie, Caley, Lason, Rosa,  and Perry, was listed on the census. One the 1910 census you will find J.L, J.W. Jessie, and Roscoe in the home. The own their own home and were mortgage free. Harrison and Harriett was married for thirty years and were able to read and write.

Derius Harrell look so much like a my maternal first cousin. Each time I look at him I wonder if we share the same ancestors. Once we hit the brick wall in our genealogy research its time to turn to DNA. Its good to see all the Harrell families researching their family history.