Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Colored Citizen's School in Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Original Act of Sale from The African Methodist Episcopal Church of Ponchatoula, La to Colored Citizen's School 

Before me Edwin R. Wells, a Notary, duly commissioned and qualified within and for the Parish of Tangipahoa, State of Louisiana, and in the presence oh witnesses hereinafter named and undersigned; Personally came and appeared;

Martin S. Berry Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the said African Methodist Episcopal Church, and J.W. Graves Residing Elder of the Said Church;

Duly authorized and empowered by a resolution passed by said Board of Trustees on February 10, 1916, which said resolution as of record on the minutes of said Board.

Who did declared for and in consideration of the price and sum of twenty one & 50/100, and other valuable considerations, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged to have been received and good acquittance given for the same. They do on behalf of the said Church, sell set over transfer and deliver unto; The Colored Citizens School of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, herein represented by E.H. Pines chairman of the Board of Trustees of the said school, as per resolution passed by said Board of Trustees on 2nd, day of February 1916 as will appear of record on the minutes of the said board trustees of he said School, the following described property to wit.

Lot nume eleven and twelve, (11 & 12) in square number sixty nine, (69) together with all building and improvements or appuretanances thereto belonging, situate in the Town of Ponchatoula, Tangipahoa Parish State of Louisiana according to the official map of said Town.

To have and to hold the above described property unto the said purchasers, their heirs and assigned, forever, free from any lien for encumbrance whatever, with full and general warranty and all rights as held by the said vendors.

The certificate required by article number 3364 of the revised Civil Code of the State is hereby dispenced with and the undersigned Notary is hereby exonerated from all liability on account of the non-production of the same. All taxes assessed against the above described property have been paid up and to including the year 1916, the taxes for 1917 not being due, as evidenced by the tax receipts in the hands of the vendors. 

Thus done, signed and passed at Ponchatoula, in the parish and State aforesaid on this 1st day of August 1917, in the presence of Joe Mixon and ? Pince two competent witnesses, who have signed these presents together with the said appeared and me said Notary after due reading of the whole. 

Source: Tangipahoa Parish Clerk Office; Conveyance Book 81, page 331
Transcribed by: Antoinette Harrell