Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Singer Topsy Chapman of Kentwood, Louisiana

Topsy Chapman
Topsy grew up not far from New Orleans in Kentwood. She was surrounded by music, her parents believed in the cultural of music. Her father Norwood was a music teacher and her mother Roxie believed that the combination of chores, study and music was necessary for proper child development.  She is an admired singer around the world. She is joined by her two daughters, Yolanda "Peb" Windsay and Jolynda "Kike" Phillips.

In 2002, Chapman was nominated for Best Female Jazz Vocalist in the prestigious Best of New Orleans Awards given by Gambit magazine. She is one of sixteen children born to Norwood and Roxie. Norwood was first married to Myrtis.

She had toured all of Europe, Asia, and Australia and travelled the Americas performing gospel, traditional and Dixieland Jazz. Topsy's film credits include: No Cross, No Crown (2009); Tradition Is a Temple: The Modern Masters of New Orleans (2013): and 12 Years a Slave (2013). Her father Norwood was born April 4, 1898 to Henry and Laura Chapman in Liberty, Mississippi. Henry and Laura were the parents of William, Mamie, Lewis and Norwood Chapman. Henry was born in 1871 in Amite, Mississippi.

Henry parents were Joseph and Laura Chapman. They were the parents of Harris, Amelia, Celia, William, Henry, Susan, Jacob, John, Maria, Frank and Baby Chapman. According to 1880 U.S. Census Laura Chapman was born around 1835 in Maryland. The family was listed as mulatto. In 1870 the family was living in Ward 8, East Feliciana, Louisiana.