Friday, September 27, 2013

Teaching Grandchildren Their Family History

Baking Time Together
As a family historian I get the opportunity to teach my grandchildren their family history and build family traditions of our own. Every month we set aside one Sunday for "Big Mama" dinner. The grandchildren come over and spend the weekend, we cook together, look at family photographs, take in a movie and sometimes we visit the local library. There are so many things that you can do to help build a stronger bond with your grandchildren through genealogy

I wanted to give my grandchildren a gift, the gift of knowledge of their paternal lineage. I was inspired to write and publish  a genealogy coloring & activities book for children making my grandchildren the characters in the book. Every child would like to see themselves in a book. In the coloring and activity book the children travel with their grandmother to the genealogy library, the state archives, family cemetery and the local museum. They get to go on a treasure hunt looking for family treasures, photograph and family heirlooms. This is a great way to spend time teaching them about their family history.

Genealogy For Kid Tips

  • Help them to Record Names of their Family Members
  • Create A Group Sheet
  • Create a Pedigree of Family Tree Charts
  • Draw a Family Tree
  • Have them to write Family History Questions   
It is never to early to start teaching your grandchildren about their family history. Almost every grandparent starts with family photographs. Often time we share family stories with our grandchildren and they enjoy listening. We should always find a way to teach our grandchildren about our loved one who are no longer with us.

Teaching your grandchildren about their family history is so important. If your family own land, it would be nice to take your grandchildren for a walk on the land where their ancestors once lived. Teach them about the person who purchased the land or property. If we recognize and honor the family member or ancestors who purchased the land so will our grandchildren.

I've written about the land my maternal great-great grandfather Robert and his son my great-grandfather Alexander Harrell purchased in 1888 for 50 cent an acre. I am very proud of my ancestors and I want my grandchildren to know the history of their ancestors.
Reading time with grandchildren

I can't explain the joy I felt publishing a genealogy coloring and activity book for children.  My grandchildren are paying close attention because they see themselves in the book. This is one way that we can make history come alive for our grandchildren. Have your grandchildren or child to draw pictures of the family and write little notes and turning them into a book. These books would make great presents to give to their parents for keepsakes. There are many companies you can choose from to have your grandchildren books printed.
Connor and Chase Map Reading

I know we are living in the age of increasing technology, iPads, CPS, and other hand held devices. I find that teaching my grandchildren how to read maps is very important. Map reading is an important skill that your grandchildren will enjoy. Ok! Here is a where I added a little fun an excitement. I told my grandchildren "Big Foot" was found in China so they are looking at the map to see how many states and what oceans he had to cross. Well, if that what it took to get them to read the map it worked.

When we are traveling out of state, we always stop at the rest area and get a map so they can read. Learning how to read a map can help improve their reading, science and math skills.

Nothing like a kiss for a grandchild