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Grant Chapel A.M.E. of Amite, Louisiana Church History

Photo Credit: Legacies of Color Scrapbook
Mrs. Gracie Perry
The history of Grant Chapel A.M.E. Church revealed that the construction of its present place of worship began the early part of 1972 and was completed and dedicated on August 20, 1972. The was the culmination of sustained hard work, diligent planning, and anxious anticipation; it was a dream and the answer to many prayers.

The congregation became together to amass funds for the erection of this building under the pastorage of Rev. S.D. Addison and continued to collect during the tenure of Rev. John Smith, and Rev. L.L. Lucien. When Rev. B. Alex Gibson was appointed to this church, there was concerted effort to obtain enough for a down payment necessary for borrowing money for completing this building.

The building committee selected by the church was as follows: Mrs. Mamie Ruffins, Dr. Percy L. Walker, Messrs. Fred P. McCoy, Xavier Smith, Sr., Nataniel Hines, Sr. & the late Booker T. Lawson.
The trustees at the time was Messrs, Emile Muse, Xavier Smith., Xavier Smith., J.C. Burkhalter, Dr. Percy L. Walker & the late Booker T. Lawson.

The late Rev. Leo Hawkins was presiding elder when the building was dedicated and the late Rt. Rev. I.H. Bonner was presiding bishop. Other ministers who helped to stir to the mortgage burning were Presiding Elder J. B. Hitchens and former pastor Fred Chambers just prior to our present Presiding Elder Thomas C. Johnson, Pastor David Bowles, and Bishop Frank G. Cumming.

Associate ministers of Grant Chapel during the payment of this church were the late Evangelist Beatrice Gatlin, Rev. Alex A. Spears., Evangelist Dorothy Himes and Rev. Charles Holmes.

Top Photo: Seated left to right: Mrs. B. Walls, Ms. M.F. Williams and Mrs. Olivette Morris, Standing from left:  Messrs W. J. Lee, James Jackson, Nat Hines, Bernard Lawson, Arthur Harrell and Fred P. McCoy.

Bottom Photo: Left to Right: Mrs. W. B. Jackson, Xavier Smith, Sr., Emile Muse, Dr. Percy L. Walker

Source: Reprint from Gracie Walker's Legacies of Color Scrapbook, Amite Genealogy Library Archival Room

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