Tuesday, November 19, 2013

1845 St. Helena Parish Slaveholders

Peter a slave were beat in 1860 in Louisiana
St. Helena Parish Courthouse, Bin of Bonds & Oaths

We the undersigned slave holders of the parish of St. Helena deeming it necessary to adopt some regulations for the more strict government of the slaves of the parish do hereby prohibit all persons form purchasing any articles from our slaves without a written license specifying the articles purchased under the penalty of the law which we pledge ourselves to enforce.

And we also authorize any person finding one of our slaves in Greensburg without written pass to take such slave and inflict upon him or her a reasonable punishment not exceeding thirty lashes. It is understood that no person is to purchase of any slaves any articles without, and any us knowing of any infraction of the law upon this point will feel bound to complain of the same. It is further agreed that we will give no permission to one of our slaves to procure liquor for his own use. 4 Jan 1845.

Simpson Hutchinson                                                       B. ? Hart
John Hollaway                                                                John Boykins
W. D. Pearson                                                                 H. Kemp
Abram Womack                                                              Jacob Womack
Thomas H. Roddy                                                           Danl. ? Reemes
William Dennis, Jr.                                                         W. H. Kemp
W. K. Davis                                                                    Thomas Gorman
W.S. Gordon                                                                   Daniel Addison
E.H. Bates                                                                       N. ? George
J.J. Carruth                                                                      W.P. Deane
Walthall Burton                                                               Henry Leonard
John Houeye                                                                    N. Baylis "except the whipping of ...."
Merrit G. Kemp                                                               (last 4 or 5 words unreadable)
WM. G. Wright                                                                T. A. ?
Carter Thompson                                                             W.M. L. Hutchinson
Daniel Miller                                                                    Joseph Killian, Jr.
D.C. Kemp                                                                       Claibourne Newson
J. H. Wright                                                                      Wilford Kemp
John Corkern                                                                    B. Weil
Peter Hutchinson