Sunday, October 20, 2013

School Field Trip With Grandchildren

Kindergarten Field Trip

How I remember the school days of both of my sons! Going on field trips and not to proud to say I was learning right along with them. We are never to old to learn that for sure. Well, I thought those days were long gone once my children graduated from High School.  When my grandchildren came along I was  back on school field trips again. This is a time that I can set aside all my chores for a couple of hours and explore learning with them and give them my direct and undivided attention. Not to mention our time bonding together.

Field trips are the best part of going to school besides learning something interesting you didn't know before. Beside it creates and opportunity for them to visit a place they might not ever visit on their  own.

Their class visit "Liuzza Land Your Local Fun Farm" in Independence, Louisiana last Friday. The children had a great time and learned so much about farming and farm animals. They fed the goats, pet the rabbits and pony and went on a wagon ride. Some of them painted pumpkins and they went through the corn maze.
Chase sitting in the one room school house

They have captured a part of history by building a reproduction of an old one room school house with the old desk and chalk board. Most of the kids good couldn't wrap their mind on such a school. This was surely a step back in the time for them, the kids great- grandparents possibly could have attended a one room school house. Looking at the old school desk brought many memories for me because I sat in a desk like the one my grandson Chase is sitting in.

They are living in the age of technology with ipads, computers, smart boards and they can't imagine a one room school.

Connor is feeding the baby calf
I enjoyed being a chaperone for my twin grandsons kindergarten class. A study says, grandparents are helping grandchildren more with school. I am a firm believer that our grandchildren need all the help they can get with their education. Grandparents are spending billions of dollars on their grandchildren's educations each year.

The children enjoyed a guided farm tour where they learned about chickens, goats, cows, pigs, rabbits, donkeys, and zebras. They fed the baby calves and goats. Learning about farm life is exciting, it was an hands-on experience to educate children about farm animal.

More and more grandparents are getting involved with their grandchildren class projects, field trips and volunteering to become a room grandparents. They are reading to the children and helping in the class room. Grandparents are filling for the millions of parents who have to work everyday.
Connor is gathering sweet potatoes

My grandchildren come from generations of farmers in Tangipahoa, Louisiana on their paternal grandmother side of the family. Not, only did I encourage my grandchildren to eat healthy, I encourage them to learn how to plant their own vegetables. While on their field trip they were taught the basic about planting seeds and seedings in ground.

My grandchildren enjoy working in the garden with me. In the summer they pick blueberries, plant green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables. Whenever they visit they like to help me make blueberry smoothies. I am happy to see that Liuzza Farm has add this attraction just for kids.

Well, my granddaughter has already invited me to her upcoming field trip. Besides I love every moment of it. They will always remember these special times spent together.  When they grow up and become parents and grandparents they will do the same for their children and grandchildren.