Friday, November 15, 2013

Amite, Louisiana First Black Veterinarian Percy L. Walker

Dr. Percy Walker
Photo Credit: Daily Star Photographer
George Anderson
Percy Leroy Walker was born on December 18, 1918 and died October 1995 in Amite, Louisiana. He was the son of Festus M. Walker and Corean Walker.  He graduated from Southern University in Agriculture Education and Tuskegee University in Veterinary medicine. He also graduated from officer training school and served in W.W.II and the Korean War as 1st Lieutenant. After his service years, he was substitute teacher, social worker and government meat inspector. He established the Amite Veterinary Clinic in 1953 and continued his practice until 1995. He considered this area a "veterinarian's paradise" and loved his work as well as the people.

On any afternoon he can be found vaccinating, dehorning and castrating animals. Vaccinations were for bangs disease, black leg and malignant edema. Dr. Walker said he vaccinated some 1,000 animals a year, primarily large ones. He is  buried in the Amite Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Amite, Louisiana.