Friday, November 22, 2013

Monore E. Williams a Black Man Lynched One Mile West of Tangipahoa in 1905

Another day spent at the Amite Genealogy Library in Amite, Louisiana. Today I spent my time reading the books published by Yvonne Lewis Day. I found newspapers on several lynchings and murders of black men.

Last Sunday evening around 6:30, Monore E. Williams was lynched one mile west of the town of Tangipahoa. He and Hopsey Knighton, another black, were recently charges with assault on Rhoda George, and aged lady living near that town. The two had been taken to New Orleans for safety, but Williams had been brought back to Amite for identification, and was lynch before he could be returned to New Orleans.

On January 19, 1897, three other black men were lynched in Amite, Louisiana at the same time.
Gus Williams, Archie Joiner, and Gus Johnson.

Source: Amite City Advocate
             Thurs, Nov. 30. 1905, Vol. 1. 26
             Yvonne Lewis Day Book " Newspaper Reprints"
             Amite Genealogy Library