Friday, November 22, 2013

Mt. Nebro Baptist Church Records 1813-1859

On July 4, 1841, ( P.117) Sunday doors open for members when Harriet Rutland received by experience, also a black boy Peter belonging to John Vernon ESq, repaired to the water were Bro. Balsam Thompson administered the ordinance of Baptism to them.

6th Jan, 1828, (Page 28) The door again opened, Molly a black woman belonging to W. Marbury Esq, and situated thru experience and was received in the hands of fellowship.

Mt. Nebo Baptist Church is a White church in Tangipahoa Parish. The records of Mount Nebo Baptist Church, in Tangipahoa Parish, date back over 146 years and are among the State's prized documents.

Source: Amite Genealogy Library-Mount Nebro Baptist Church Records 1813-1859