Friday, November 29, 2013

The History of Little Bethel Baptist Church of Amite, Louisiana

Little Bethel Baptist Church
Little Bethel Baptist Church begin with a few dedicated Christian followers in a small log cabin one mile West of its present site, some of the pioneer members were Sister Rosa Butler, Sister Frances Johnson, Sister Betsy Carpenter and, others, Rev. Guy Beck and Rev. Newton Johnson were the leaders.

In 1881 Rev. Riley Vernon officially organized this group into what was called the Little Bethel Baptist Church. He was the first official Pastor with the above named persons as charter members. He served faithfully for several years. During his administration he purchased the site where the church now stands for the amount f$10.00 and gave it to the church. The second pastor was Rev. C. Wright, he served faithfully for several years.

Rev. James R. Vernon became the fifth pastor and served faithfully for twenty-one years.
Rev. James R. Vernon
During his administration the church was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt and under his leadership the church made great progress spiritually and numerically. He purchased the site for the Activity Building under his administration. Some of the active members during his pastorate were Sister Rosa Butler, Sister Lucy Morris, Sister Lydia J. Richardson, Bro. Willie Watkins, Sister Katie Land, Bro. Frank James and George Pinkney were the Deacons.

Rev. James R. Vernon was released to accept a church in Bogalusa and Rev. Willie Porter was called to pastor. He served faithfully for six years, and passed on in death. After the death of Rev. Porter, Rev James R. Vernon was elected as pastor elected. The church has made great progress in all phases of service. The pulpit had been his "throne" and through a sustained program of dynamic preaching the members have been inspired to go forward. The church has grown spiritually, financially, and numerically. The membership have grown from one hundred to three hundred at present.