Friday, November 29, 2013

The Character of Rev. James Robert Vernon

Rev. James Robert Vernon
On the evening of July 27, 1957 the angel of silence came into the home of Reverend James Robert Vernon and with chilly fingers sealed his lips, the loving husband of Pearley Briggs Vernon. His soul winged its flight from this world of sins, sorrow and pain, to a place of eternal rest.

There are some lives that disappoint us, some impressions of character which we have to revise in later years,  but the impression that was formed of Reverend James Robert Vernon when you first met him remained unchanged to the end of his life.

He became a Christian when he was quite a young man, and joined the Mount Canaan Baptist Church, and was baptized by his father, Robert Vernon and spent more than sixty-one years in the Master's service. He gave freely of his time, his counsel, and his money, and was always willing to do anything that he felt would help for good, in anyway.

Reverend James R. Vernon was not selfish, hence he felt that he needed someone to go by his side and enjoy whatever he might accumulate in life, so he married Pearley Gertrude Briggs. To this union eight children were born. To his family he was loving and faithful, and strove to make them comfortable and happy. He taught his children to be God loving and God fearing and that to be a Christians was one of the greatest things in life and to know his children.

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Source: The Obituary of Rev. James Robert Vernon

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