Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mr. Xavier Smith, Sr. of Amite, Louisiana

Xavier Smith, Sr. 
Since its inception as A.M.E. Church in 1886, Grant has literally hundreds of person join its ranks, but there has been none to equal the length of dedicated service that Mr. Xavier Smith, Sr. has attained. Converted and joined the congregation of Grant Chapel in 1916. Mr. Smith has been a constant, vibrant, dependable, vocal and dedicated member until the day he died--with specific interest in the temporal affairs of the church.

After 70 years of continued service, Mr. Smith can rightfully be considered the church's historian and father. His being strictly a family man, he has engineered his family members into good followers of Christ. His beloved wife, Daisy, was as dedicated as he, serving as a stewardess until her death; his daughter, Dorothy, is a local preacher; his daughter, Yvonne, and his son Xavier, Jr., are trustees; his granddaughter, Tewana, is a steward and Sunday School teacher, his son Glenn, was a deacon in the Baptist Church until his death. Yvonne and Tewana are both member of the gospel chorus. Yvonne is also a class leader. This a good indication that has begun a legacy that will last for years.

At 89 years, Mr. Smith shows no signs of deterioration, mentally, physically, socially, or spiritually, which gives him the right to be honored as grand patriarch of our church.