Sunday, January 19, 2014

Elder Frank Harrell, Sr." Daughter Keeping His Legacy Alive"

Terri Harrell Jackson and her grandson
Elder Frank Harrell, Sr., was a man who really love serving the All Mighty Heavenly Father. He and his lovely wife aunt Sadie are the proud parents of seven beautiful girls and one son to carry his name on. As a child I spent a week or two in the summer with my first cousins in New Orleans. One week with my aunt Catherine  and family and a week with uncle Frank and his family. I enjoyed spending time with all of my cousins. 

Spending time with my uncle Frank and aunt Sadie left me with fond memories of the good old days. Uncle Frank taught me so many value lessons that I apply to my life too this very day. In my home I only had brothers to play with, so being in a house full of girls was so exciting to me. I really enjoyed being around Terri, their third daughter,  because she laughed a lot just like me. She was kind of a daddy's girl I would say. "Wherever her daddy went she wanted to be there in his footsteps."

Terri is a person who really cares about family and she practice living the lessons her father taught her. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is also beautiful on the inside. Just recently she and her husband became the proud grandparents of a handsome grandson. I don't have to say anymore,  they are spoiling him with love.

It's the way she carry herself that makes me proud of her.  She is admired by so many people who know her.  She works hard to stand on the foundation that her father taught her in his teaching. Her dad and our grandparents would be very proud of her. Just recently she shared some family photographs of our grandmother's brother Alex Richardson and his family. She posted pictures of our grandmother's sister Rosabell Richardson Moore as well. Some of those photographs that she posted uncle Alex and aunt Rosa grandchildren and children had never seen before.

Terri lights up a room with her radiance of beauty and smile. Her love for her three children, grandson, mother, sister, brother, nieces and nephews is never-ending.