Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wendell Richardson Preserving the Richardson Family History Through Photographs

Wendell Richardson
Sometimes family genealogist and family historians have their ways of preserving and telling their family history. Wendell Richardson is the grandson of Alexander and Melisa Wheat Richardson of Amite, Louisiana. Several months ago, Wendell loss his father Nathaniel Richardson, Sr., one of the sons of Alexander and Melisa.

Wendell found the time to go through some of the family albums and most importantly he is sharing the photographs with his first cousins and other family members. Wendell may never know just how much we really appreciate the fact he is sharing these special family memories.

If we don't keep our family history alive who will? I hope others will do what Wendell made the decisions to do. As a family genealogist I can appreciate the gift that Wendell shared with the family. My grandmother Josephine Richardson Harrell was Alexander sister.
Often times we hear about family members who will not share family photographs with others.
family members who will not share family "Wendell has truly set an example of what we should do with family photographs when someone in the family pass away". Beside being talented and intelligent he also loves his family dearly. Now, my hope is he find a photograph of my grandmother Josephine in his collection. Preserving our family memories is an important step to preserving our history for the future.

With today's technology it is easy to share the precious photographs with our family no matter where they live.  In this digital age, we can scan, enhance, and store our family images for safe keeps. We all have a responsibility of preserving our family history.

Here are a few tips on preserving family photographs.

1. Purchase photo albums with acid-free and lignin-free paper.
2. Use PVC-free such as maylar, polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene.
3. Store photographs in photo boxes made of acid-free materials with acid-fee card dividers.
4. Always avoid using paper clips and pins to hold photographs together.
5. Always use photo-safe glue and avoid using regular adhesive tapes and glues, which will damage
6. Handle photographs carefully. It helps to put on cotton gloves.
7. Label photographs on the back with a photo-safe pen from a photo or craft store.  Do not write on
    your photos, and never use regular ball point or felt tip pens.

Supt Alexander Richardson and his wife Melisa Wheat Richardson
Supt. Alexander Richardson, his wife Melisa Wheat Richardson, sons, and their wives, and grandchildren
Photo Credit: Terri Harrell-Jackson