Friday, April 11, 2014

Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana Unidentified Photos of African Americans

Velma Civetta Ross 2 years old  &
Geralin Bernetta  Ross 1 yrs 3 month

Quite often I come across a collection of photographs and no one can identify the people in the photograph. If you live in Tangipahoa Parish or surrounding parishes and can identify anyone in the photographs in this blog post please do so by email me at

Photographs are a reminder of special memories, events, places we've visit or memories of our family members through the years. Preserving these priceless photographs will help us to hold on to those precious memories. Its important to be able to identify the persons or people in the photograph. Every picture tells a story that family members and others would like to hear about or just simply revisit fond memories.

Here is a good example of having someone to identify the photographs. I took my childhood friend Doris Lloyd to look in my collection at Southeastern Louisiana University and she immediately identified pictures of students who went to school with her at Amite High School in Amite, Louisiana.

If you would like to share your family history or photographs with  Preserving Our History in Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes Blog or be a guest on Nurturing Our Roots Television or Radio Talk Show you can email me also.

If you want to donate or share  your unidentifed photographs to me from Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes, I'll gladly accept them and will post the photographs with others in the community to see if someone can identify the person or people in the photographs.

Everyone wants to know; Who are the people in the photographs? Where these photographs taken?When where they taken? How can I get a copy?

Unknown African American Club
Fluker, Louisiana

"We can develop and tell our history, by preserving our family photographs and history.  Every family has a family album or box of photographs with no mention of who the people are in the photographs. There maybe no one living or around that can tell you who the people are. If you have an older relative that is still living in your family and their memory is still very sharp, this is the time to take out the family album(s) or the box of photographs and have them identify it for you.

Kentwood High School
Irene Morris Collection

Irene Morris Collection