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Trade of Slave Jeremiah in St. Helena Parish by Jane Holiday

St. Helena Parish, Conveyance Records:  Reddy to Fletcher
Submitted to the USGenWeb Archives by Jane Holiday, Sep 2007

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St. Helena Parish
Conveyance Records
Book F Page 69 & 70

The State of Louisiana Parish of St. Helena}  Be it remembered that on this 
the tenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 
thirty eight.  Before me Samuel Leonard Parish Judge and Ex officio notary 
public in and for the Parish and State of aforesaid personally appeared 
William Fletcher of said Parish who produced the following instruments of 
writing requesting the same to be admitted of record in the words and figures 
following to wit- State of Louisiana Parish of St. Helena} Know all men by 
these presents that I Anny Reddy of the State and Parish aforesaid do hereby 
bargain, sell and deliver and by these presents have bargained sold and 
delivered unto William Fletcher of said state and Parish all my right title 
interests and claim to a negro boy named Jeremiah for and in consideration of 
the sum of five hundred dollars to me in hand paid.  And by these presents do 
warrant and defend the same against all persons whomsoever unto the said 
William Fletcher his heirs executors and assigns.  To have and to hold in ?an 
unto his heirs administrators and assigns forever August the 8th 1833.  Anny 
her x mark Roddy attest Goodeman Davis, L. B. Draughon- The State of 
Louisiana Parish of St. Helena personally affirmed L. B. Draughon of said 
Parish who after having been sworn according to law defends and says that he 
was an attesting witness to the foregoing instrument of writing that he was 
present and saw Goodemann Davis sign and another witnesses and was likewise 
present and saw Amy Roddy make ordinary mark as principle, L. B. Draughon.  
Sworn & Subscribed to before me this to before me this 8th June A.D. 1838. 
Samuel Leonard P.J.

Be it remembered that having carefully compared the foregoing instruments of 
writing with the ? ? I find it to agree in all respects and declare the same 
duly recorded the day and date first above written. Samuel Leonard P.J.