Friday, September 5, 2014

Putting Our Children First By Bringing Educational Enrichment Programs to Our Parish

Exploring through the arts
Each district in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana should have a community resource enrichment center,  I've notice the lack of enrichment programs for the youth. Sports seem to dominate small rural towns all across America. We need after school programs and summer enrichment programs for our youth.  No town can grow without empowering the youth with enrichment education.

Enrichment programs such as cultural studies, music theater, college preparatory courses, computer science, art, foreign languages and film making are just some of the enrichment programs that should be considered.  Every child should be given the advantage of exploring learning through arts. If the community and schools offer these types of programs to the youth, it can only bring future success for the child, community and parish. Our primary focus should be to emphasize the importance of enrichment programs in our community.  
We should talk with  to our local school board members, our elect officials and community leaders about the need for enrichment programs.

These enrichment programs can offer field trips to local museums, state archives, state capitols and other places that affluent students will have available to them. Our goal is to help children achieve in their curriculums. If we want our children to develop a positive attitude toward school and learning as well as develop respect for others, the only way is through education  and cultural awareness.