Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mt. Gillion Baptist Church in Arcola, Louisiana

Original Bell
One of the oldest church in Arcola, Louisiana, is Mt. Gillion Baptist Church.  It was organized on June 1,1895 by Rev. Robert Vernon and Deacons; W.M. Smith, S.E. Longs and Clerk; C. Lampkin. Anthony said that he could remember two men by the name of Mr. Tate and Mr. Lott ringing the church bell with someone passed away in the community.

I'm going to call Rev. Johnny Milton to see if I could get the history of the church. The history of the church can tell you a lot, especially if your family members attended a church in community. Its alway good to look to the church for your family history as well.
I very familiar with the Vernon history and now I would like to know about the deacons of the church. Anthony said that the bell is the original bell. Although no one rings the bell anymore.

Church cornerstones are important as well. The names of the organizers and founders can be found on them. In this case it list the name of the deacons. I can imagine before they bricked the church it was a wood building with wood pews and hardwood floors. "Who knows!" I maybe able to find a picture of the church before they bricked it. The earlier churches was wooden. I remember the church I attend a child was a wooden white church.

Mt. Gillion Baptist Church Cornerstone
I didn't see a cemetery behind the church at all. "Where did they buried their members?" Anthony said that his mother is buried in Big Zion cemetery, Roseland, Louisiana.  Come to think of it, it was the only church that I saw back off in that community. One day I hope that I can document the history of all the churches in Roseland, Amite, Fluker and Kentwood, Louisiana. Some of these churches serve as a one room school for the African American children in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Some may even have records of the early years.

Its up to us to record and document our own history and heritage. Each one of these communities has such rich history that it would be terrible not to record and document it. I hope others will open up and share their family history, photographs and documents so that I can record and document it.