Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Kimble Family of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Left: Maxine Kimble
Right: Frances Catherine Kimble-Miller
I was contacted by Evanjalyn El'luminatya Davis who has family ties in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana., She wanted to share a family photograph of her grandfather's sisters. His two sisters were Maxine Kimble Frances Catherine Kimble-Miller of Hammond and Independence, Louisiana. Their parents were Walter Kimble and Jane Battie Kimble. Walter's parents were Isaac and Nancy who lived in Tangipahoa Parish. Walter was married to Jane (Jennie), he was first married to a woman named Caroline.

Evanjalyn spoke of her eighty-years old uncle Joe's love for family history. Her uncle Joe discuss and shares the Kimble family history every at every opportunity he get. Like all families, some family members want to hear the history and to others, its not that important. But for her uncle Joe, he will continue to pass the family history to family members like Evanjalyn.

Allen Y. Kimble took the African Ancestry DNA test to find out where in Africa their family came from. Their paternal genetic African Ancestry matches with the Bubi people living in Bioko, Island.

Like most African American people that have the burning quest to learn more about their own family history, the Kimble family are still looking to reconnect with long lost family members. If you are a Kimble and are looking for your ancestors that has roots in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. Please email me at