Friday, June 5, 2015

Chicken Coop Made from Pallets

Growing up on the old family homestead in Tangipahoa Parish where we grew our own food and raised livestock. My grandmother had a chicken coop for her laying hens. My brothers and I would help her gather the fresh yard eggs. For two years I have been talking about building a chicken coop and now I'm finally getting a chicken coop built thanks to Wallace.

I went online and saw the chicken coops built out of pallets. So Wallace and I decided to build one out of pallets. For the past few weeks Wallace and I have been busy gathering the pallets, removing all the nails and pulling the wood apart. 

I called the local hardware store and asked them if I could have them. They told me to take all I wanted. We spent several weeks preparing the wood. Our plan was to use as much recycle material that we could fine. We did purchase the wire, screws, nails, latches, hinges and wood life cooper coat to treat the wood. 

We spent a lot of time on the internet looking at difference models. After we figured out the model we wanted to used and what would be the best way to build it we got started. Wallace wanted to build six nesting boxes for the laying hens. 

He measured the run for the hens, he thought the old girls sure have some room to run around and to hang out. He wanted to really make it easy for me to move about to clean the coop, he's making it where I can walk into the chicken coop and hose it off rather easy. The manure from the chicken will be used to fertilized the orange trees and garden. 

Wallace is very creative and I can see him building me a greenhouse out of pallets. There only problem, "he didn't want me to take photographs." But of course I had to document from start to finish. Beside it nice to see how it begin and the finish product. 

This summer my grandchildren will get to gather the fresh yard eggs right out the yard. I hope that we can the hens that lay the blue and green eggs. 

 We'll keep you posted as we move along.