Sunday, July 5, 2015

The History of Governor Harrison

Draft Registration
Governor Harrison was born in May 8, 1903 in Ward 3, in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana to Obe Harrison and  Sallie L. Harrison,  He passed away in June 1974 in Amite, Louisiana. His siblings were Mary, Alma, Darcy  and Eddie. He was the stepbrother of Xavier Smith and Lelia Smith according to the 1910 United States Census. He later met and married a beautiful woman named Christine Leonard. The Harrison family were neighbors to the Wheat, Johnson, and Harrell families.  Governor was a farmer by trade in Amite, Louisiana. He farmed all of his life. Governor owned and worked his own land. He drove an old green pickup truck. He sold a lot of his produce around town and to people he knew.  Sometime he would drive his produce to New Orleans to be sold at the French Market. Mr. Governor was a very quite man who spoke little words, he was highly respected by all his neighbors.

One of the things that come to my mind, was how clean the Harrison's kept their home and surrounding at all time. Cousin Tina  kept a beautiful smile on her face all the time. She greeted everyone with open arms and a big hug. When she became ill, she still kept that beautiful smile and pleasant personality.

They were parents of: Bernard, Willie, Dorothy, Melinda, Ella, Monore, Mary Lee, Yvonne, Governor, Jr., Alma, Leah and Bobby. Several of the their children are deceased: Melinda, Leah and Willie.