Monday, June 29, 2015

Saul Wheat of St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

Melisa Wheat Richardson
& husband Alexander Richardson
Saul Wheat was born in St. Helena, Louisiana in 1875. He was married to Corrine Wheat. They were the parents of Booker, Rosa, Beatrice, Melissa, Bernice, Myrtle, Bertha, Henry, Roy, Mattie and Hattie.

Saul passed away on September 5, 1954 in Independence, Louisiana at the age of seventy-nine. After carefully examining the Freedmen Bureau records, I came across a labor contract for Saul Wheat. I wanted to share the record with my cousins who are Wheat-Harrell's and Wheat-Richardson.

The Harrell family married twice in the Wheat family. My maternal great uncle Palmer and Manila McCoy's daughter Doris Harrell married Henry Wheat. Theodore Harrell who was also my maternal great uncle married Rosa Wheat. One of Saul and Corrine's daughter Melisa Wheat married Alexander Richardson, my maternal grandmother's brother.

Freedmen Labor Contract- Saul Wheat
The contract states that Saul entered into a labor contract with Marin Henry on Jan 1st, 1866. Also on the labor contract was Abraham Bickham 42, Susan 30, Nathan 17, Tom 144, Sandy 12, Anna 10, Rayford 4, Emma 6, Martha 2, and Saul Wheat was 24 years old. Looks like they were farming 60 acres of land for which Bickham agrees to pay 4 bales of cotton weighing 170 lbs furnish himself.

Henry Wheat
Its not very clear what Saul's relationship was to Abraham Bickham. Its is clear that Abraham was the man in charge of the land and labor contract agreement. Once the Wheat family left St. Helena, Louisiana., they settled in a small town called Amite. My maternal great grandmother Emma Mead Harrell purchase land right next the Wheat family. The land still remains in both families until this very day.