Monday, June 29, 2015

Yellow Water Baptist Church in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Yellow Water Baptist Church
Yellow Water Baptist Church is located on Fred Clark Rd in Tangipahoa Parish. The church is said to be at least one hundred years old. Fred Clark Rd was named for Fred Clark, son of Benjamin and Jane Clark.

Benjamin Clark was the brother of Caroline Clark Kimble-Daniels, who was once married to Walter Kimble. Milton Miller affectionately known as "Uncle Joe" who is eighty two years old. Uncle Joe said the church was also the school for colored children. It was the very first school that he attended as a young child. He  recalled his grandmother walking him to school.

One of the things he wanted the family to know is both wives of Walter Kimble; Caroline Clark and Janie Battie raised their families together.  Uncle Joe was blessed to have two grandmothers and he called them both grandma.

Behind the Yellow Water Baptist Church is the Clark Family Cemetery were many of the Clark family members are buried, including Caroline Clark Kimble-Daniels and to his knowledge at least one of the her three children with Walter. They could get to the burial because of high grass and wild brushes.

Source: Milton "Uncle Joe" Miller & Kimble Family-Louisiana