Friday, September 11, 2015

In Memory of the Zanders Family from Amite, Louisiana

Left to Right: Deloris Levy, Robert Zander, Colitide Zander,
Shawn Levy, the lady on the end unknown
I'm extending a warmhearted appreciation for family of Amite, Louisiana for saving and archiving the history, events and photographs of African American people of Amite, Louisiana?  Mrs. Colitidle preserved the history that we must never forget. After she passed away her daughter the late Deloris Levy inherited the collections and after she passed away.

It was passed on to Rev. Raymond Foster, Sr., and I'm truly humbled that he allowed me to examine and analyze the collections and help get it ready to be archived at Southeastern Louisiana University for the further studies on the history of African American people of the Florida Parishes. We're not doing enough to preserve our enriched history too pass down to the next generation. We're losing property, intellectual properties, family heirlooms, land and other value family resources due to the lack of knowledge and sometime the lack of caring.

I know that Mrs. Colitidle and Ms. Deloris would be happy to know that the collection is being shared and preserved for future studies, thesis, dissertations and other publications to be the lives and studies of African American people of Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes.

Many African American people in the Amite community can recall sweet and lasting memories of Mrs. Coltitlde. Her love for flowers and serving her community was her passion. Preserving our history and educating the youth about their rich history and heritage should be something we all sured pass on. It can help to restore and enhance their self-esteem and self-awareness.  For more information about the pioneers and people who shaped our lives and community, please continue to follow Preserving Our History in Tangiphaoa and St. Helena Parishes.