Friday, September 11, 2015

The Cafeteria Ladies at Westside Middle School

Mrs. Maggie Dudley,  Mrs. Coltidle Aaron Zanders

I know that's  Ms. Billie Holmes on the left end.  The names that is on the photograph cover is Elnora Perry, Mary Cumpton, and Doretha O'Brien. If you attended Westside Middle School in Amite, Louisiana, and you know these ladies, I need your help to tell me who is who.  If you have any photographs that you would like to share with Preserving Our History in Tangiphaoa and St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. Please contact me by email at or you may call me at 504.858.4658. 

The Collection of the Late Coltidle Aaron Zanders and the Late Deloris Levy.
Submitted to Preserving Our History in Tangipahoa &  St. Helena Parishes Blog and Nurturing Our Roots Educational Television Talk  Show by Rev. Raymond Foster, Sr.