Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Theodore and Gladys Chapman Dunn Family Reunion

Theodore and Gladys Chapman Dunn
This years Dunn family reunion was organized by Paulette Gilmore Sims, the daughter of the late Charlie Gilmore and Ruby Lee Dunn Gilmore. Paulette and her committee organized a one day event that displayed family photographs, the Dunn History, a slideshow presentation and family fun. This years theme was " We Are Our Brother's Keeper".  The reunion was held as Jellystone Park in Robert, Louisiana. 

Theodore Dunn was born in 1906 in Amite County, Mississippi to Hezekiah and Gertrude Atkins Jackson Dunn. According to the oral history of his oldest son Leon Dunn, Sr.,  his father Theodore moved his family to Kentwood, Louisiana in the 1940s. 

Theodore was killed in a truck accident in 1957 in Easlyville, Louisiana. He was a farmer and logger by occupation. He worked hard to save money to purchase the land that is still in the Dunn family today.  To their union of Theodore and Gladys Dunn, eight children was born; Leon Dunn, Sr., Willie Mae Dunn Williams, Gertrude Dunn Perry,  Gena Mae Dunn Chapman, Will Henry Dunn, Charlie Dunn, Theodore Dunn, and Ruby Lee Dunn Gilmore.  Three of their offsprings has passed away: Gertrude Dunn Perry, Charlie Dunn, and Gena Mae Dunn Chapman.
Leon Dunn, Ruby Lee Dunn Gilmore, Theodore Dunn

Hezekiah Dunn and Gertrude was the parents of Bernice Dunn Hampton, Elouise Dunn Collins, Everlee Dunn Clark, Leon Dunn, Theodore Dunn and Otis Dunn.  Gertrude has children by her first husband. The children ware Rufus Jackson and Laura Jackson Banks according to the Dunn Family tree that was complied in 2009. Hezekiah was known by family members as Hizzie.  Leon said that his father Theodore passed down a lot of oral history to him about the Dunn family. He also said his father Theodore told him that that Hezekiah was of Indian descent. 

Hezekiah is the son of Andrew Dunn, no one knew the name of Hezekiah's mother. I checked U. S. census to see if I could locate her. Andrew was listed as a widower. Hezekiah's brother and sisters were listed as Maggie, Malinda, Mary, and Madison. 

Well over a hundred descendants of Theodore and Gladys attend this years family reunion. Lot of home cooked food, homemade ice cream and prizes was given out.  Everyone was so happy to see each other and to meet new family members. Two of Theodore's brother and sister offsprings also was present.

Elouise Dunn Collis and Odis Dunn offsprings express their desire to learn more about their family history. There were discussions of organizing an upcoming event of all eight branches of Hezekiah and Gertrude Dunn.

Looking at the younger generation work to make this years family reunion a success was beautiful.  Some of the family was reflecting on the days when the family reunions was held in grandma Gladys front yard under the two oak trees in Kentwood, La.

Now the younger generation are stepping up to the task and organizing the family reunions to keep the family together. It was so good to see family respecting and sharing love with each other.

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Walter C. Blacks, Sr.