Sunday, July 24, 2016

O.W. Dillon Tigers of Kentwood, Louisiana

The Dillon Tigers of Kentwood, under  Coach Monroe Perry assisted by J.J. Williams and George Magee.

Photo Credit: Jenkins
Squadmen that make the Tigers go are: James Innis, Lanny Vernon, Lionel Patterson, Arvell Buckhalter, Clyde Walls, Hollis Robinson, Jimmy Washington, James Parker, McTha Turner, Woodrow Dyson, Bennie James Gordon, Conrad Wyre, Hurley Gordon, Elijah William, Nolan Gordon, Felix Braxton, Eugene Peavy, James Cook, Charlie Dunn, Fate Irving, Stanely Cooker, Charlie Robertson, Willie Chaney, Edmond Thomas, Lonnie Hookfin, J.D. Morris, Felix Johnson, and Charlie Johnson.

Source: This article appeared in a local newspapers. The date and name of the newspaper was not documented. I assumed it had to be the Kentwood Ledger.