Friday, August 5, 2016

She Remembered Like It Was Yesterday

Several weeks ago genealogist and television talk show Antoinette Harrell met with Mrs. Brumfield was a graduate of O.W. Dillon High School. She came with her kept 1950-1951 yearbook wrapped so neatly in a bag and ready to display it. 

"No matter when and where you see Mrs. Brumfield, she is neatly dress and her hair so neatly groomed!" She is just one of the women in her mid 80s who look so well and still has a very good memory in Kentwood.

She is such a graceful lady in every way. Soft spoken and she never raise her voice to speak above her soft tone. After looking her yearbook for 1950-1951, Harrell saw a beautiful young lady was the assistant editor for the school's yearbook. Several of Harrell's own family members photographs were in the yearbook. Her cousins Walter Richardson, Sr., and  Willie K. Gordon, Jr. , and her uncle Ernest Boykins.

One of the stories she shared with Harrell was her prom night story. She told her that she had purchased a new yellow dress and was all ready to go to the prom and Mr. Dillon wouldn't allow her class to attend because they put photograph of him in the yearbook.

She spoke about how firm Mr. Dillon was; and wasn't afraid to use his paddle to get the students in line. She recalled the morning lectures about life he would give to them before they were allowed to go to class each morning. Although she didn't integrate Kentwood High School, after graduating from college with a degree in education, she integrated Spring Creek School.