Monday, April 24, 2017

Teach Kids to Get Involved with Community Issues and Politics

Left to right
State Representative Tracie Davis, Connor LaCoste, State Rep
Cynthia A. Stafford, Chase LaCoste
Children are eager to learn new things and want to get involved. Teaching them to respect the environment, getting involved with causes at school, or community causes.  It's a great way to teach them how to stand up for their rights and learn the due process. Learning about house bills, resolutions, and the three branches of the U.S government will help them to learn about the laws and democracy in the United States as well as the; injustices that plagued and threaten that democracy. 

My grandson Connor often talks Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Thurgood Marshall. He said that Thurgood Marshall is his hero and that if he was still living he would hire him in a minute to represent him if ever he had to appear before any court in the U.S.  He often points out that Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American Supreme Court Judge. He went directly to google to learn about the Clarence Thomas who, succeeded Thurgood Marshall. When he asked me the question about Clarence Thomas, I informed him that the two can't be compared. 

Often times when there is political, business, town hall, are community meetings I must attend, I take them along with me to learn and use this time as a classroom to educate them. Last week I had to attend the sessions of the Legislature at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. I took my two grandsons with me, they witness how laws are passed. It was quite and experience for them. They met several Florida Senators and State Representatives. They also met the Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi and the boys
They had direct invitations to the office of State Representative Cynthia A. Stafford a Democratic member of Florida House of Representatives, representing the 109th District which includes northeastern Miami-Dade County, Senator Daryl Rouson District #70, and State Attorney Pam Bondi. They were given strong words of encouragement from the elected officials about setting goals and to work hard to achieve those goals. 

I find them talking about the three branches of government and discussing issues that are important to them. Especially issues that pertain to kids.  It's never too early to teach them how congress affects their lives and their future. Connor wants to be a voice an advocate for seat belts and cameras on all Tangipahoa Parish School buses. You can follow him on;

My granddaughter Jo'elle love drawing and art. She creates eye-catching posters with a powerful message for the causes she believes in and, stands up for. Her poster was signed by the Attorney General and Senator. The boys enjoy taking photographs. They both felt like little photographers and like the idea that they were treated like professional photographers.
Florida Senator Daryl Rouson

Chase enjoys taking photographs and getting involved with critical discussions on politics, laws, and issues. Now, before I can ask the question, "who want to come with me?" All hands are in the air to go come along.  I think my grandson Carter has expressed interest in becoming an actor in his mind. Politics is not on his agenda. Each one of them has talents, gifts, and skills that must be nurtured. 

In celebration of Earth Day, Jo'elle created posters to attend a march in New Orleans. Her poster made a powerful statement about our planet earth. It was the first march and protest for the boys and they learned a lot about the importance of standing up for what they believe in.  Their an artist of some kind in all children. We just need to take the time to see it and help them cultivate and nurtured that gift or talent. Jo'elle was encouraged by many protesters to keep standing up and having her voice heard through her art.  I enjoy seeing her find a place just for herself and explore her creative mind. I can't wait to see her masterpiece. I don't think they realize that I have preserved many of their masterpieces. My oldest son Joseph is thirty-eight and I still have artwork he created when he was in third and fouth grade. 
Jo'elle LaCoste
Earth Day in NOLA 2017
Tangi Democrats