Monday, January 6, 2014

"Africa's Forgotten Empires" by Author Seager Godson

Seager Godson

Seager Godson is the great grandson of Palmer Harrell of Amite, Louisiana. He wrote the book "Africa's Forgotten Empires" at the ages of 14 years old. His book can be purchased on amazon. At a very early age Seager enjoy studying history. To him history is the greatest story that mankind can write. It is an ongoing saga that has no end, and we all are given a chance to play a part in it.

A few week ago through facebook his mother reached out to me. Veronica and I use to play together as children while growing up in Amite, Louisiana. She would come and visit my family with her grandparents, Palmer and Manilla McCoy Harrell. Veronica's grandfather Palmer and my grandfather Jasper Harrell, Sr., were brothers.

  It wasn't long after that Veronica moved to Chicago and we lost touch   with each other. I was very happy to have her contact me through the social media. When she did she wanted to know more about the Harrell family history and where in Africa did they come from. She asked me to talk with her son about our family history because he wanted to know more. "I was eager to help and teach him about his own personal history". At the end of our conversation he was so happy and I was too. Whenever the youth want to learn about their family history that is truly important.

Through our conversation, I learned of about the book that he wrote and published. Seager will be a guest on "Nurturing Our Roots Blog Talk Radio" soon.