Monday, January 6, 2014

Carla Harrell Native of Amite, Louisiana Gave 623 Kids Coats this Winter

Carla Harrell
Carla Harrell is the founder of "Give A Kid A Coat" an organization based in Dallas, Texas. She grew up in Amite, Louisiana and later moved to Dallas, Texas were she currently resides. During the winter months, there are many kids who may not own a a coat. This is where Carla Harrell makes the difference in a child life. What some people make take for granted, others are in desperate need of.

Her misson was inspired by a young girl walking to school during the winter months without a coat. After she observed the young girl walking to school. She set out to find the child to purchase a coat for her and couldn't find her. At that point she decided to give coats to the entire school to ensure she got the right child. Carla knew that she had to make a difference by getting involved to make sure children in need of winter coats get a coat in order to stay warm in the harsh winter climate.

Carla and all the participants who collected 623 coats are people who are making a difference.  If you would like to get involved and help her organization next year please follow her on Facebook. Gathering of Hearts wishes to thank Carla Harrell for her love, hard work and dedication for making difference in a child life. Her example of caring and sharing is inspiring. But she couldn't do it without the help of all the people and volunteers who shared the same vision. What is your vision? Are you doing something to make that vision become a reality? Why are you procrastinating? Are you making a difference?

623 collected by Give A Kid A Coat with Founder Carla Harrell