Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hiram Brumfield of Kentwood, Louisiana

Hiram Brumfield
Hiram Brumfield was born in 1882 in Tangipahoa Parish. He was married to Dixie Brumfield. Dixie died on Jan 21, 1938. In 1910 he and his wife only had two children, Edcor and Daisy. Hiram is listed as a mulatto. Hiram couldn't read or write but he had sharp business skills and was self-employed. In the early 1900s he made regular rounds and was very dependable in his wagon that could have been  possibly the earliest garbage collector in Kentwood.  He raised pigs and he would gather discarded food and scraps to feed his pigs.  He  passed away on September 18, 1956 and was buried at the original Sweet Home cemetery according to his daughter Daisy Brumfield.

The Brumfield's has a long genealogical history in Kentwood, Louisiana and they are a large family. Names of Brumfield's in Kentwood included; Jim, Mattie, Melvin, Della Mae, James, Doris, Nathaniel, Mamie, Ira, Pecola, Irena, Arlie May, Walter, Hazel, Shellie, Doris, Dock, Lucinda, Oscar, Dixie, Minnie, Jim, Rosa, Eula, Collie, Lizzie, Chas, Merridth, Bailey, Robert, Lulsa, John, Fannie, Alma, Vernie, Selma, Kermit, Willie, Wessie, Bessie, and Laura are just a few names found in the U.S. Census.

WWII Registration Card
Hiram Brumfield