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Slaves in George W. Fluker Family

James Fluker Kent
James Fluker Kent was born on January 17, 1843, he was the second child of twelve children and the oldest son of Amos and Susan Fluker Kent of Kentwood, Louisiana. He died August 18, 1886. James Fluker Kent grew up in Kentwood, and worked in his father’s brick factory. In 1860, his father sent him to Alexandria, Louisiana, to attend the Louisiana Seminary for Learning, a military-style college founded in 1860, which later became Louisiana State University. Fluker Kent was in the first class. The Superintendent was an ex-army Major named William Tecumseh Sherman.

He settled there on Cool’s creek, and built a sawmill and brick factory in an area which became known as Kent’s Mill. Later, when the town was developed, it was named Kentwood, in honor of old Amos Kent.

File  F-2

George W. Fluker, 1854

Dec. 8, 1854- Mrs. Martha A. C. Collinsworth represents that she is the surviving widow of George W. Fluker who died leaving minor children: Robert Fluker, Anna J. Fluker, Amos Kent Fluker, Elizabeth C. I. Fluker, and Georgiana Fluker. She is appointed natural tutrix with Robert Fluker under tutor. 

Inventory: Separated property, $174.50: Community, 224 acres bounded W by 700 acres on Amite River bounded W by the river, S. by land of the estate of C.W. Fluker decd, C by B. Pipkin, N by Mrs. Nettles: slaves, cattles, etc. Total $3649. 

March 8, 1856-224 acres purchased by Robert Fluker $100
July 30, 1858-Mrs. Martha A.C. McCoy, adm, of the estate of her decd husband Georege W. Fluker, filed her final account.

Richard Amacker Kent was born at Kentwood, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, June 28, 1871, a son of James Fluker Kent and Delilah Amacker Kent, and a grandson of Amos Kent. He comes of fine old Colonial American stock, originally from Scotland (sic) and the founder of the family in Louisiana was his grandfather, many generations later. Amos Kent was born in Massachusetts (sic), probably about 1811, and engaged in lumbering and brick manufacturing in New England until about 1840 (sic), when he came to Louisiana and married Susan Fluker, who was born at Clinton, Louisiana, in Feliciana Parish. In 1850 he came to Tangipahoa Parish, and recognizing great business opportunities here, founded the town of Kentwood, where he engaged in lumber and brick manufacturing and lived to be ninety-four years old.

R.A. Kent Merc. Co. Inc. Fluker, LA
Sharecroppers Coin

Sources: File-2, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana Conveyance Book B