Monday, April 14, 2014

The Hart Family of St. Helena, Louisiana

Eliza Hart Randle
the daughter of Green Hart
My maternal 3rd great grandmother was named Rosa Hart Vining. She was the daughter of  George and  Celia Hart. Rosa was born in 1869 in St. Helena Parish. Her siblings were;  Mary, Emma, George, Margaret, Leonard, Green, Della and Oscar

According to the U.S. 1880 Census, Rosa was eleven years old and was attending school. Rosa met and married Allen Vining and too their union one child was born, Emma Vining. Rosa died while giving birth to Emma. Her husband Allen later married a woman named Pheoby Self.

No one in the family has a picture of Emma Vining or her mother Rosa Hart. Not much is known about grandma Rosa. I met offsprings of her siblings who lives in Arizona on Facebook.

Eliza Hart Randle would be the niece of my grandmother Rosa. Eliza's father was Green Hart. What history I have on the Hart family has been given to me by El Hutchinson.

Ocie Randle Smith