Sunday, November 9, 2014

Historical Rosenwald School in St.Helena Parish, Louisiana

St. Helena Parish Colored School
Photo Courtesy of Dewayne Cook
My associate Leonard Smith III, sent me an email that got my attention about the historical Rosenwald School in Louisiana. 

Julius Rosenwald -(1862-1932) became interested in the welfare of Negroes established the Julius Rosenwald Fund, which had to be spent within 25 years of his death to better condition for Negroes through education. 

More than 5,000 schools for Negroes in 15 southern states( including Louisiana and especially St. Helena Parish). 

He became known as the father  of the Negro Parish Training School, a school for Negroes, located in a Negro community, usually a mile or two from a town.

Historic NameHarrell Industrial
Current Name
Building PlanTwo-teacher type
Building TypeSchool
Budget Year1928-29
Current Address
Land (Acreage)3.00
CountySt. Helena Parish
Application #30-H
Total Cost$2400.00
Additional Comments
Funding Sources
      » Negroes$850.00
      » Whites$260.00
      » Public$790.00
      » Rosenwald

Source: Fisk University Rosensald Fund Cart Database.