Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Loving Memory of Green Zanders

Green Zanders
In writing the "Obituary" of Mr. Green Zanders one has to think in terms of memories. He was born in Amite, Louisiana on October 18,1889. He came to Los Angeles, California on January 18, 1920. He joined the Hamilton Methodist Episcopal Church on 18th and Naomi, under the pastorate of the late Dr. S.M. Beane. As the church grew in membership, he often mentioned his being the the 17th member of the church.

He married his first wife for 46 years and married to his second wife for18 years. Both of his wive have departed from him in death. On the memories that he cherish most was his 92nd birthday party which was given by Miss Ruth Goin. The climax of the party was the reading and presentations by pastor Willie Forman---congratulation from President Carter and Mrs. Jimmy Carter,  Mayor Tom Bradley, State Public Utilities Commissioner Leonard M. Grimes, Jr., whose parents lived in his home when Leonard Jr., was 13 months old. Mr. Zanders served on the Usher, Trustee and Steward Boards, financial committee and many other departments of the church.  Mr. Zander served and supported his church well. He endured his failing health and suffering in praises and thanksgiving to God for all the many blessing that has been his throughout his life.

His final words to the dear friend of the family, Ms. Shirlene Orange were " I am dying, as I float, I feel the love and peace of Christ in my heart. He departed from his life on Thursday, May 17, 1984. If he could speak he would say Death was a blessing because he was ready when it would come.

He is survived by his dear nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Tate; nephew, Robert Sanders of Amite, La; his niece, Bernice Valley; three great nieces; three great, great nephews and one great, great niece and a host of many friend and neighbors, especially the member of Hamilton.

His favorite hymn " Bound For The Promised Land" and his favorite scripture, "The Twenty-Third Psalms".